Since 2001 we've provided our customers with professional, accurate, quality results no matter the size or complexity of the project or document. We translate all kinds of projects, whether it's for use in an official or personal capacity. 
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We have extensive expertise in certified translations for use in both official and personal capacities. No project too big or small, contact us or get a fast and free quote today.

Translating over 100 languages

Our handpicked team of translators are experienced in the arena of your project - we've handled various science, judicial, and medical translations for over 15 years.
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We have been professionally assisting citizens in the U.S. and abroad with preparation of the documents needed for international use. Questions? Contact us or read more about our services.

Our quality certified translations and documents are widely accepted by local and international Federal and State Government Agencies, Courts, Arbitrage, Law Enforcement, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, and Insurance companies, among others.

We specialize in legal certified translations and have a great team of qualified translators. Our client portfolio consists of individuals like you, as well as law firms and legal departments of large multinational and corporations worldwide.

Our mission

For over 15 years Translate-From-To, a subsidiary of SM World Enterprises, has been providing translation, Apostille and Notary Public services for individuals and businesses worldwide. 

While we continue to grow, our mission has been to continue providing our services with Quality, Accuracy, Professionalism for all our customers.


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